Good Bones + Beautiful Fabric = 1Happy Customer

This chair was a charmer back in the day…

but when the owner found it at a tag sale, the worn upholstery and yellowed wood2013-07-25 08.11.36en frame prevented her from being the showstopper she once was. Time had not been kind. Recognizing the “good bones” of the Louis chair, the new owner came to Chrysalis in search of design ideas and the perfect fabric.

For a quick history of “Louis chairs” check out this blog post at I DREAM OF CHAIRS.

In stock, we had a lovely linen with a cream background and a French motif in shades of gray and tan. With the purchase of gorgeous fabric & a linen pleated trim, plus a can of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in FRENCH LINEN from SWEET SOUTH COTTAGE the new project began.

2013-08-12 14.49.00 2013-08-12 14.48.40 2013-08-12 14.48.33

2013-09-12 08.25.35 2013-09-12 07.57.37 2013-08-10 09.29.14

The old fabric is removed and the springs checked for durability and retied where needed for comfortable support. A coat or two of the chalk paint gives immediate new life to the old chair. A bit of sanding (optional) and then a finish with wax gives the wood a fresh, yet vintage feel.

The fabric is installed, the trim added and what was once a beauty is now beautiful again!

2013-09-11 19.25.29 2013-09-11 19.25.46

Chrysalis Fine Fabrics does not upholster in-house, however we can give you the contact information for several local upholster companies. We do create custom pillows from our fabrics and assist in your fabric and furniture design needs.

1410 Market St., Tallahassee, FL 32312 850-224-2924

Please remember to vote for us in the Tally Awards Interior Design Category. We appreciate your support.


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