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Living with the Family Pet

We all know that “swiffering” dog hair, lint rolling the cat fur and constantly laundering the linens and throws can be a monumental task, but for those of us who live with our beloved pets, it’s worth every inconvenience for the love we receive in exchange. Good news is – today’s choices in fabrics, upholstery and flooring mean great design doesn’t have to suffer when living with the family pet. How could anyone resist Piper or this dynamic vintage chair upholstered in a Chrysalis fabric?

cat - Krista VickersTextile manufactures today offer a wide selection of materials that are both beautiful and durable. Annie Selke has designed her entire business around her love of dogs.

Dash & Albert Rug Company, founded in 2003, offers a happy selection of wool, cotton, indoor/outdoor, and blended rugs in a variety of beautiful weaves. Spirited and well-bred, these rugs are the smart solution for floors pining for personality. We believe that home products should never be so precious that they can’t stand up to typical traffic, the occasional “oops,” or a glob of pet slobber, so we craft them of the finest materials—which allows them to weather years of loving use, and even regular cleaning or washing! Made of polypropylene, many D&A rugs stand up to hosing off. Other smaller rugs can even withstand the washing machine and clean up perfectly.

dog slipcoverThe brilliant colors of the Dash & Albert rugs bring life to any room, but if your style is more subdued, their neutral palette is traditional and sophisticated. The options are many and, as your Dash & Albert Retailer for the Tallahassee area, our showroom has large samples for making your design choices.


Slipcovers are another wonderful way to protect your furniture investment while allowing for an occasional cat nap….

We typically keep pre-washed fabrics in stock for such decorating projects, including cotton twill and washed & tumbled linen. And we can design and fabricate the slipcovers for your home.

It’s not just for outdoors anymore! Perfect for every room in your home, Sunbrella fabric will withstand the messiest kids and the reddest wines AND YES – EVEN YOUR PETS! Your friends will rave about its beauty, softness and texture in even the most formal rooms. Sunbrella fabrics let you enjoy your home without worrying about the inevitable messes – so your children and pets can relax and you can breathe easy, even while hosting a dinner party. Try creating a palette that transitions easily across both your indoor and outdoor spaces.

(Hint) choose fabrics close to your pet’s color.


The master bedroom may be your retreat, but it is a favorite spot for your pet to lounge. We suggest a matelassé coverlet that can be machine washed, then use a lined decorative patterned fabric to coordinate with window panels and pillows.  A Sunbrella upholstered headboard or platform bed is an excellent choice with pets. Just vacuum or spot clean!


One last tip! When choosing pillows, you may want to stay away from trims and fringe that dangles. From your pet’s perspective, it’s a chew toy – for you, it could be a design disaster.  Chair pads with tassels or tie-backs may also get too much attention. With cats – be very careful with loose threads or looped fringe.

2013-04-23 08.30.06 Romeo - Susan Hugunin

Here are just a few of our furry friends that belong to our customers! Thanks for sharing folks! Please go to our FACEBOOK album and vote for your favorite pet! A LIKE and SHARE would be nice!

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