Archive | October 2011

Fall is in the air!

                           Fall is finally here! There is a slight change in the weather and we’ve been busy here at Chrysalis Fine Fabrics. Beautiful fabrics have been ordered and they are coming in fast and furious.  Fresh new color combinations are what have us dazzled.  Shades of amethyst, citrine, mixed with golds, turquoise and tangerine (the brights continue in popularity) and the soft shades of greys are still gorgeous.
                            Our newest accessories have been streaming in by the truckload, new lamps, vases, Foo dogs, etc., etc. etc…… Our owner has been busy monogramming everything that doesn’t run away!  Just kidding Susan, they are so beautiful.  We hope you have a glorious week and enjoy that Fall weather.        

The staff at Chrysalis Fine Fabrics